Promark Firegrain™


Introducing the world’s first flame hardened hickory drumsticks.

Promark Firegrain™
Flame Tempered

Flame Tempered

Our revolutionary heat-tempering process transforms ordinary hickory into drumsticks with unprecedented durability.

Natural Feel

No excess vibration, no space age gimmicks and consistent feel from pair to pair.

Natural Feel
Added Durability

Added Durability

State of the art selection process for the strongest wood from the finest Hickory trees.

“From the moment I started playing drums, I’ve always chosen Promark. These FireGrain sticks keep me playing harder, for longer.”
-Anderson .Paak

“The new FireGrains are the business. Do not sleep on these!!! Now I can continue to keep it funky and groove from genre to genre with more mileage.”
-Daru Jones (Jack White)

“These new Promark FireGrain sticks are fierce and strong. Just like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.”
-Ben Thatcher (Royal Blood)

“I love the new FireGrain sticks, they give me the solid durability that I need for three hours of consistent playing!”
-Terry Baker (Kirk Franklin)

“FireGrain lets me play “Balls to the Wall” as heavy as it can be and they last like no other stick!”
-Chris Williams (Accept)

“FireGrain are the most durable sticks I’ve ever used.”
-Anthony 'Tiny' Biuso (TSOL)




7A  5A  5B  2B    


5A  5B    


5A  5B 

“I absolutely love the FireGrain series! For all the heavy and fast tempo music I play it's essential that I use a reliable pair of sticks. The FireGrain series offers me incredible durability without the increased weight. This allows me to keep those high speeds up with less fatigue.” -@ZACKAUSTINDRUMS
“These @promarkbydaddario FireGrain sticks are no joke. I usually burn through one or two pairs on a four hour gig (pun absofrickinlutely intended). After four hours on these FireGrains, my snare stick hasn't even begun to splinter.” -Kae Garcia
“I've purchased two pairs from Sweetwater two weeks ago... I'm still on the first pair of 7A's and I play Black/Death metal on the drums, just to give you an idea of their strength.” -Adam Bodreau (Consumer on Facebook)

“Went all the way through my 3 hour gig on demonbreun without a chip in them.”